Distributing Fibre

What We Do

Sourcing & Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Stockholding & Logistics.

We prioritize you above all else. Our customized supplies are cost-effective, unbeatable, and designed to help you achieve your goals

Our key customer promise

100% transparency

We ensure complete openness in all dealings, providing detailed information for a clear understanding of your investment.

Clear and Direct Communication

Our team commits to effective communication, promptly addressing your queries and keeping you informed.

High Quality

We guarantee top-tier quality through collaborations with leading manufacturers, exceeding industry benchmarks for network reliability.

Timely Delivery

Efficient supply chain management ensures punctual delivery, helping you meet project timelines without unnecessary delays.

Continuous Support

From inquiry to completion, our dedicated team offers unwavering support, providing guidance and solutions throughout your project lifecycle.

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Our Approach

Detail Dive

At Cable & Things, accuracy is key. So, first, we would like to see the datasheets. Give us the lowdown on what you use, and we'll dive into the specs.

What’s your priority?

Cost, quality, or speed? Choose your priority, and we tailor our approach accordingly.

Global Sourcing

With your wish list in hand – we’ll get our global partners ready to work their magic, and we'll have one or more of them ready for you!

Quick Quotation

We're not ones to drag our feet. Within days, you'll have a shiny, tailored quotation in your inbox. If it's love at first sight, it's time to move to the next stage.


Like what you see on paper? Awesome. We'll arrange for a sample to be shipped to you.

Real people
real experiences

Price great, delivery very quick and nice customer approach. Thank you.

Marco Ottolenghi

General Manager, TIM

At the board level we understand Cable & Things to be very competitive in a tendering process and a reliable long term partner.

Carlos Bock

Chairman Digital Infrastructure & F&W Networks

They are amongst our top 20 suppliers for reliability and value add.

Charlie Ruddy

Former CEO, Digital Infrastructure

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We ensure complete openness in all dealings, providing detailed information for a clear understanding of your investment.