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We are a distributor providing essential components for building the infrastructure that delivers full-fibre services across the UK and beyond. Our materials are supplied to Infrastructure Companies (owners/operators), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Contractors (network builders) and other Distributors.

Our lean team of dedicated family and friends are committed to delivering an exceptional service, a positive experience and they ensure the three S’s - speed, savings, and support.

What we do

Sourcing and Distribution

Expertise in sourcing PIA approved cable, connectivity and accessory products.

Wide manufacturing network allows us to source a diverse range of other products.

Lead partner for several Tier 1 UK Alt Nets, Contractors and Distributors

Supply Chain Management

Our conscientious team focuses on minimising risks and preventing delivery hiccups.

We’re on it – foreseeing demand fluctuations to keep stock levels just right.

Collaboration – making sure everyone is aligned!

And Logistics

Our warehouse is at your service for storage.

You call the shots on material delivery – pick up or drop off!

Competitive local and global logistics partners on hand to meet your needs

What we do

Sourcing and Distribution – Tailored to You!

While the industry wrestles with various challenges like material scarcity, price surges, and infuriating delays, we offer a distinctly different approach.

One size DOESN’T fit all in this industry.

Some of our customers are struggling to keep their costs down while others struggle with the quality of their cable… and things.

That’s why we’ve taken a distributor approach – we want to give you the best option for your problem and our ever-growing list of agreements with Tier 1 manufacturers can make that happen for you.

If price matters most, we find the most cost effective. If quality's your thing, we source the best. Want a balance? We can hit that sweet spot too.

If our customers come first – which they do – it’s only right we tailor to their needs!

Sourcing and Distribution – Tailored to You!

Effective supply chain management is the cornerstone of success for network providers. At Cable & Things, we recognise that no two networks are the same. That's why we offer a personalised approach to supply chain management.

Optimising Your Supply Chain: Our dedicated team specialises in mitigating risks and eliminating delivery disruptions. We know how important it is to have your materials on time. Through proactive management, the latest technology and regular dialogue, we ensure that your supply chain remains efficient and dependable.

Anticipating Your Needs: Demand changes are inevitable. We stay one step ahead by closely monitoring local and global market dynamics and your specific requirements. This allows us to make sure you’re never scrambling for solutions. We’ve got you!

Communication is Key: Open and regular communication is at the heart of our supply chain management strategy. We maintain a constant dialogue with our customers to ensure your needs are met and to address any emerging challenges promptly.

Sourcing and Distribution – Tailored to You!

Ensuring your materials are readily available when and where you need them is vital.

Our Warehouse, Your Advantage: Our warehouse is at your disposal for all your storage needs. Whether you require short-term storage for upcoming projects or a longer-term solution, we've got you covered.

Delivery as You Choose: We understand that every network provider has specific delivery preferences. With Cable Things, you're in control. Whether you prefer to get your engineers to pick up materials from our warehouse or have them delivered directly to your project site, our logistics team is here to accommodate your choices. Your convenience is our priority.

Technology and API integration: Our warehouse inventory management system can be integrated into your tech stack to enable you to track materials from source, to warehouse to installation on your network. Our preferred GIS partners to integrate with are APX GIS who are the preference of a number of leading Alt Nets in the UK.


At Cable & Things, our dedicated team is the driving force behind our success.

Get to know some of the individuals who make up our team:

Mo Farah

Managing Director

Mo strategically directs and ensures effective communication, drawing on extensive experience in sales and customer relations. He sets the tone for our engagement with valued customers.

Eden Worthington

Sales Director

Eden is a results-driven professional committed to outstanding customer experiences and business expansion. Spearheading customer care initiatives and crafting effective sales strategies, Eden ensures overall customer satisfaction.

Arron Dunphy

Sales Director

Arron is at the heart of where the magic happens at C&T. He’s responsible for managing relationships with various suppliers and ensuring we’re able to source what you need.

Ross McWilliams

Marketing Director

Ross is responsible for driving our brand's success and market presence. His innovative thinking, strategic approach, and strong collaboration skills contribute to our brand's growth and success.

Caleb Myers Allotey

Sourcing Manager

Caleb’s analytical prowess shines as he meticulously evaluates various supply lines, extracting meaningful insights that contribute to strategic decision-making.

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